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Lake Tahoe Tahoe Fun Facts

There’s so much to discover about Lake Tahoe, North America’s largest mountain lake. Here’s an introduction to “peak” your curiosity.

Subject Fact
Lake Tahoe’s Age Two million years (give or take a few thousand), among the world’s 20 oldest lakes.
Water in an Inch of Lake Tahoe One inch of Lake Tahoe equals about 3.33 billion gallons of water.
Deepest Point in Lake Tahoe 1,645 ft. in Crystal Bay, NV. The Empire State Building wouldn’t break the surface.
Lake Tahoe Tap Water Named the best-tasting drinking water in the U.S.
Visitors to Lake Tahoe About 15 million people per year come to Lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe Monster Some say a prehistoric creature like Scotland’s Nessie lives in the lake. Most recent sighting: 1972.
Tall Lake Tahoe Trees Of the six common Tahoe pines, the Sugar Pine is the tallest, up to 200 feet.
Lake Tahoe’s Fastest The Peregrine Falcon, also the fastest animal on earth, has been clocked at 200 mph.